MLB League Standings

2020 Major League Baseball Magic Numbers

COVID-19 notes for the 2020 MLB Season Changes

The season has been shortened to 60 games

The 2020 MLB season will consist of each team playing 60 games, instead of the usual 162. Each team will play their division opponents 10 times each, and all teams from their interleague divisional counterpart (AL East vs NL East) 4 times each.

The playoff field has been expanded to include 6 extra teams for this season

Six extra teams will qualify for the playoffs this season only. Each division will now send the first and second place teams to the playoffs, with two wild card teams on top of those six.

The Toronto Blue Jays will play their home-games at Sahlen Field in Buffalo, New York.

Canada has refused to allow the entrance of US travelers, therefore the Toronto Blue Jays will be playing their home games at Sahlen Field, the home of their AAA affiliate Buffalo Bisons, in Buffalo, New York.

Temporary Rule Changes

The league will implement temporary rule changes for the 2020 season to eliminate potential injuries and exposure. These rules include the National League using the designated hitter, disallowing spitting, and expanded rosters. The full list of rules can be found here.



Two-way tie for the division or wildcard

  1. A one game tie-breaker is played between the two teams, winner take all.

Two-way tie between division winners

  1. The team with the best record in head to head play.
  2. The team with the best overall record in intra-division games.
  3. The team with the best record in the final 81 games of the season, ignoring inter-league play.
  4. The team with the best record in the final 82 games of the season, extending backward until the tie is broken.

Three-way tie for the division or wildcard

  1. The team with the best intra-division record is determined as Team C. If intra-division records are tied, refer to above tie-breakers to determine team C.
  2. The other two teams, A and B, play one game.
  3. The winner of this game plays team C in one game.
  4. The winner of this second game is the winner of the tie-breaker.

Tiebreaking prodecures from