Playoff Magic

Magic Numbers and clinching scenarios for your favorite teams

New York Mets

The New York Mets can clinch a wild-card spot with:

  • A win vs. the Philadelphia Phillies AND a St. Louis Cardinals loss vs. the Pittsburgh Pirates

Texas Rangers

The Texas Rangers can clinch home-field advantage in the American League playoffs:

  • A win vs. the Tampa Bay Rays
  • OR

  • A Boston Red Sox loss vs. the Toronto Blue Jays AND a Cleveland Indians loss vs. the Kansas City Royals

Washington Nationals

The Washington Nationals can clinch the #2 seed in the National League playoffs with:

  • A win vs. the Miami Marlins AND a Los Angeles Dodgers loss vs. the San Francisco Giants

Seattle Mariniers

The Seattle Mariners will be eliminated from the playoffs with:

  • A loss vs. the Oakland Athletics AND a Toronto Blue Jays win vs. the Boston Red Sox AND a Baltimore Orioles win vs. the New York Yankees